Occupational Medicine

Occupational and Environmental Medicine is the medical specialty devoted to the prevention and management of occupational and environmental injury, illness, and disability, and the promotion of health and productivity of workers, their families and communities.

Our working tools are basic concepts on prevention levels such as:

  • To diagnose and treat a diseases related to a work (third degree prevention)
  • To alleviate the effects and risks of an illness related to a work diminishing the duration of same ( secondary prevention)
  • To prevent certain illness that may appear related to work environment (primary prevention)

Using these concepts we can improve workers' productivity as well as absenteeism due to health problems which at the same time affects the company's cost and expenses.

“Prevention of illnesses related or not to the worker's performance is an important point to save in the company's expenses”

Medical advice, in occupational health, to industries (control and prevention of occupational illnesses)

  • Pre-employment medical exams and laboratories
  • Detection and Prevention program on drug abuse in the working environment

For more information review this:

The Effect of Mental Ill Health on Abssence from Work (PDF)