Medical science today is not static, on the contrary, it moves at such speed because each day, new concepts as well as technological improvements appear, imposing us to work together looking for knowledge. Modern Physicians must be conscious of this, but at the same time should not forget that the person who receives medical attention is a human being who, in many occasions, attends to a clinic, vulnerable, frightened, and confused as his bio-psycho-social equilibrium is altered due to a suffering. There is no machine nor the best medical journal that can substitute the understanding and dedication of a physician.
Dr. Gerardo Castrellon Oller,
born in Panama on October 30th, 1959


University Studies:

Universidad Autónoma de Puebla, México (1981 – 1989)
Professional Exam approved (March 1989). School of Medicine . Professional Thesis: Presentation of 20 cases “Epilepsy secondary of Cerebral Cysticercosis”.

Universidad de Panamá, Facultad de Medicina, Department of Family Medicine: XI Annual Updating Course on Family Medicine, 208 hours. From April 19, 2000 to April 18, 2001

Post Graduate Degree in General Medicine. Metropolitan Hospital Complex, Universidad de Panamá, Facultad de Medicina (April 1997 – March 1998 )

E. C. F. M. G. Passed the U. S. Medical Education Commission Exam in 1992

Active Member of The American Academy of Family Medicine 2001 to present. ID # 8089040
Active Member of the Panamanian Society of General Medicine. April 2002 to Present.
Active Member of the World Organization of Family Physician (WONCA). December 2002 to Present. ID # 2690
Member of the American College of Occupational and Enviromental Medicine. ID # 144376 July 7, 2005 to Present (Active / Regular Member)


Republic of Panama (October 16, 1995) Register # 4531, Page # 579, Code C-530

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